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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it's busy, pretty much all of the time, none theless, police say a female victim was taken here, by a robber that stood outside. she went inside and withdrew money. police say the woman was confronted by the man in the front yard of her home, on muller road, a quiet neighborhood about two miles from the bank. >> we know he's a male his face was covered and wearing a hat, glasses. and something else to cover his face. so, we're hoping to get video that will show the suspect. >> plows say they believe this was a random crime. anyone with information and who
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might have video from either this location or the neighborhood is asked to contact police. >> in the past week thieves have broken into three auto dealerships stealing nearly two dozen vehicles. surveillance video shows them taking off friday morning the thieves broke down a door, rummaging through offices before finding keys five vehicles were taken here the dealership's owner believes this was a well-planned heist. >> there is eight of them running in the parking lot. east jumping and trying to drive off with it. >> september 17th, thieves stole eight vehicles from mercedes-benz, on sunday, taking eight more from audubon motors. police announced they arrested two teenagers for two similar
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dealership heists in august. police told us they're not connected to the audubon motors heist. san jose police have not said if they're connected to the crimes in that city. >> happening now, teachers packed a school board meeting to push for a better contract. they want more money, resources and smaller class sizes the teacher association says the district received $38 million in funding over the past two years, and can afford it. the group believes oakland unified will lose quality teachers if it doesn't better support them. >> the campaign manager for a city council candidate is a a.poll jiezing for an e mail his campaign sent yesterday the candidate is fall fong the campaign manager wrote a consultant to an opponent's campaign was a member of the plo. he is not. abc7 reporter david louie looks at how this put a veteran lawmaker in the hot seat. >> offending e mail sent out to
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supporters of paul fong. the e mail didn't tack his opponent, charles chappy jones, targeting joness' campaign consultant saying he is a palestinian activist who served as a high ranking member of the plo. he told us by phone he was offended because the e mail brought up race dennis chu says he wrote the e mail and did not run it past fong. >> it was ignorant ask a mistake. he has a long history of fighting for civil rights of all americans >> he says he wrote the e mail after the jens campaign sent an an e mail pointing out fong moved to run for the council seat. jones says reaction was immediate. >> i was upset and it was
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shocking. now, i'm focusing on addressing issues and moving forward. >> fong was not available for an interview but did pick up the phone and apologized to the council on american islamic relations in san jose. >> it makes this campaign and other campaign as ware you need to be concerned about you know, sensitive issues such as race. i believe this is a case of human error and that this is on the part of the campaign office. >> the fong campaign has sent out a correction to supporters and chuck reid. san jose abc7 news. >> a growing call tonight for the chief of the san francisco fire department to step down. and while she says she has no intention of doing so, some of the men and women she manages believes she needs to go. abc7 news is live with the story tonight. carolyn, they're piling on
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pressure now. >> they are. the union leaders were not talking today on the record, they say they prefer to save their remarks until they meet with the mayor tomorrow. this is the letter they drafted. in an unprecedented move, she finds herself under siege. >> i'm in the thinking about resigning. >> some are calling for her to go. this draft letter obtained says the heads of every fire fighters' union unanimously agreed, quote, current state of theñr fire department has becom untenable and immediate action is necessary. they plan to present the mayor with a formal letter tomorrow. he says the job is not in jeopardy. >> if the unions are registering
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some discontent we'll work with her on that to make sure there is confidence within the department as well as outside. >> headlines focused on long waits for ambulances and shortage of equipment but points to controversial promotional exams and a slew of lawsuits. hays-white believes something else is at play. >> there are dismrin cases that i think there are people not happy with doing things differently. but it's the right thing to do in this day and age. >> one member believes the crisis could be due to different management styles. >> the way they see leadership is going to be different different from the way leadership sees responsibilities i don't think we need to rush to judgment. >> some believe there is an emergency. quote, a grave crisis we have, in the direction, and leadership
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of the current administration. hays-white as a firefighter before becoming the first female chief. now, that legacy is threatened. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> reinforce many arrived for firefighters battling that gigantic blaze burning in el door raddo county. 2000 firefighters are on the front lines of the 136 square mile fire pushing the number of crews to seven #00. right now they're confronting winds up to 36 miles per hour and really hot temperatures, too. weather could ruin the progress made to contain the fire. now, at 35% containment. a dozen homes have been destroyed. 21,000 other structures are under threat tonight. >> speaking of that, fire robbed some people of everything.
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reporter from our abc affiliate has the story plus efforts to help fire victims. >> there is nothing worse than thinking your home is gone but not knowing for sure. >> spent the next three days watching the fire pick up. i was 99% sure that this was destroyed. >> today, certainty. >> i wasn't composed. it comes in waves. >> doug lives in white meadows neighborhood where residents could come back. >> just pins and needles. and news, we're getting bits and pieces. >> our priority is still standing. >> my heart goes out to people whose houses have burned down.
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they've worked hard and in minutes it's gone. >> our emergency response teamworking around the clock. >> the workers are making sure those that lost everything know what help is available. >> we can help facilitate if they've lost food or what have you. just want to make sure they have access to us. >> that is fantastic help and needed smudge nothing can replace what many consider their paradise >> i worked in elk grove. my wife in midtown sacramento. and so every time,
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home, we knew it's worth it. >> there is no estimated time but telling me it could be up to 4, or 5 days. >> still ahead bay area company working for years to try 3 d printing in space. what is planned now that it's happening. >> and what warriors now have on the drawing board for their new arena. take a look. what does it look like? >> i'm spencer christian. by this time tomorrow evening areas of green as showers are approaching. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> a couple is about to board a plane to france but the airline won't let them go. ahead on 7 on your side why a passpo
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abc7 news reporter johnan bloom went and met the founders of a set up called made in space. >> 3, 2. one. >> toughest thing about space is getting there. >> we have lift off of space x >> it could only take minutes to leave the erm, it takes months to prepare the cargo for the harrowing journey.
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one piece of the cargo could change everything. >> millions of years humans have been making things and tools but all of that has happened on the surface of the earth. >> until now, this is a 3 d printer like never seen before. air tight, and very, very precise. founders tried taking existing printers on flights. so they built one that doesn't need gravity with tools and parts. >> without the printer what happens is that the astronauts grab and try to rig a solution. >> you might remember apollo 13. >> find a way. using nothing but that.
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>> it had an intern do it into an afternoon. >> we hired that intern. >> this is headed to space for what amounts to a science experiment. it has big plans for the next printer. >> to have a student design on a lap top sh send it to us and we'll bring it, and possibly the same day. >> satellites made in space. next printer will use multiple materials. and soon... they're going to have a house on the moon some day. very unlikely to launch it to the moon. >> they're experimenting with the building supplies made out of lunar dust. at nasa ames, abc7 news. >> we want to show you something. golden state warriors released images of what their new arena will look like. some are saying it looks kind of like a toilet bay.
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the arena will be 135 feet high, and hold 18,000 people. it will be flanked by ten story office towers. 700 parking spaces and three acres of landscaping. these provided by design firm snohetta. it's scheduled for completion in four years. >> san francisco may soon be within reach of ending chronic homelessness among veterans. today, he proposed leasing this building for housing. it's a building in the financial district and says it will put the city closer to the goal of ending veteran homelessness. air b and b pledged money to get it into shape. >> and an east bay turf battle is over now that a homeowner's association dropped a fight against a woman who took out her
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lawn. she was trying to do her part to save water when she replaced her dieing lawn in san ramone. her homeowner's association requires lawns to have 25% grass and said it would fine her $50 per month. tonight, paxson says she receive aid written notice saying the matter now closed. >> people in the bay area are making changes to save water. share your photos with us and if you see water you think is being wasted we'll look into that, too. >> we're still in the grips of a terrible drought. >> yes. >> and some may be around the corner. if you see me running around with mason jars, catching drops? it may help. some light showers coming our
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way. we have clouds and into the in tahoe east of the king fire, this is in effect until hoek tomorrow night. smoke in the area has diminished. high fire danger from this wide area from east and north into oregon with strong winds and warm to hot weather contributing to that warning. into the northern most area of the state area of the happy camp fire there, flad flood watch tomorrow morning to thursday morning at 5:00. 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected here in the bay area, a live
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view shows clouds, low clouds, high clouds developing as well. beginning to push over the bay. from coastline. temperatures 65 in san francisco. low 70s in oakland, san jose, 81 morgan hill check out this view of the western sky from our camera. clouds just stacking up there at the coastline. it's currently 76 in santa rosa. napa, 75. low 80s in fairfield and concord. 79 livermore. another live view from our south beach camera. these forecast features clouds tonight, chance of rain or showers tomorrow night. and continuing into thursday morning meaning it's probably going to be wet and slow morning and slow commute. approaching storm and that is
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going to bring rainfall the front gets closer tomorrow, into evening, we'll see rainfall developing first in parts of the north bay and along the coast. and overnight, we'll see rain continuing to push east and south and that falls quickly thursday. by afternoon, about 5:00 projecting totals not very impressive but most of the rain we've had in a while. north bay mountains 15/100ths to four tenths of an inch. 5/100ths to 15/100ths in locations in the santa clara valley no, measurable rain and not likely i should say helping firefighters efforts over in the area of the king fire. overnight, lows around 60 degrees and highs from mid-60s to low to mid-80s inland
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here is the accu-weather forecast. looks like cool days on thursday, friday. highs reaching into 70s inland and around the bay. showers tapering off and drying up, warming up over the weekend. >> nice. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thanks. >> coming up next, bear that roamed yosemite park. >> why the park service is doing tracking. that story, stay here.
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he two cousins were honored today for risk their lives to help a stranger in a burning car. the men witnessed a violent car crash and saw a mercedes-benz crash into another car, roll, hit two cars and burst into flames the they knew they had to act. >> you know we're just looking at the guy and the fire. just sitting there. you know? we're like we can't just leave him there. >> they were amazing. >> first time and they'll use gps collars to monitor movement
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of bears rangered used radio signals but once leaving the it can't be read san francisco based yosemite conservancy donated 70,000ses today outfit with gps collars. >> it's ask know where they're spending the spring, fall, no they were den. >> rangers will use the data to keep bears away from campers. >> there is more tonight at 6:00. america going to war. u.s. launches air strikes against isis. and a bay area expert tells us the president has no choice. >> tonight campaign against climate change. a peace messen ger says time to act is now. >> and chelsea clinton speaks
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out on something important to the baby she's about to give
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>> all of us are committed to making sure that we degrade and ultimately destroy not only isis but ideologies that would lead to much blood shed. >> president obama meeting with leaders of several arab nation that's sided with the united states p the campaign against isis in the middle east >> one group says dozens were killed in the air strikes launched by the united states 24 hours ago now. the strikes were aimed at isis targets, the u.s. hit a little-known group called corazon group said to be planning an attack. cmn reports it may have involved
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a bomb in a toothpaste tube and clothes dipped in explosives the u.s. hit dozens of targets in isis controlled areas of syria ask iraq. wayne? >> this attack surprised many. it looks like war, feels like war but it is not a war officially. what are we left with? americans trying to make sense of it all. this morning it was all about remake of the local officer's club. >> no we're not at war. we're at a place where president is honoring responsibilities to protect and defend the american people. >> so he said. >> last night, the united states and it's partners launched 47
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tomahawk missles and dropped 200 precision-guided bombs over syria and iraq. most aimed at isis and prompted by scenes like this. slaughtering anyone, using knifes to remove heads of hostages. to this professor, it makes perfect sense. >> i think it's reasonable to assume they have wanted to draw the united states into this fight. >> why? >> well, recruiting tool for them. there is nothing more legit mating than to show it's standing up to us us power. >> critics of the administration believe it's the fight the u.s. government wanted all along. >> this is part of a much larger
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strategy to dominate more fully the middle east for its two-thirds of the world's oil resour resources the military believes it cannot attack isis without attacking save havens. >> every american is part of this is now. victory at this point is a nebulous concept. >> it's a lot to keep up with us. >> it's worth noting today the military called the attacks successful. the united states was not alone, and has military and financial support for saudi arabia, united arab emirates, jordan, bahrain and qatar. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. more local reaction from oakland congress woman barbara lee says it is clear we're becoming more involved in another war in the
6:33 pm
middle east. >> senator boxer says he with not stand by while barbaric continues. >> we're up tating latest developments on twitter >> another major international story. world leaders attended the united nations climate conference several nations in new york city pledged to spend billions to take care of the >> this is now about our industries and governments around the world taking decis e decisive, large scale action. now must be the moment for action. >> president obama said the climate is changing faster than
6:34 pm
efforts to address global warming and says the united states will meet the goal to cut carbon pollutions by 17% by 2020. >> this meeting hosted by hillary clinton. annual session of the clinton global initiative. chelsea clinton made an appearance, . >> we can lose african forest elephants in the last decade. that means that the child, mark and i are waiting to join us in this world could grow up on a planet without elephants. >> chelsea announced her pregnancy in april bill clinton says hopes to be a first time grandfather by october 1st. >> just ahead a couple and their passport predicament.
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a growing number of travellers being stopped in their tracks the airlines won't let them fly overseas. >> what is going on? >> it happened to this bay area
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couple whose dream vacation was shattered because of a little known rule of international travel. they want me to warn you it could grind your vacation to a halt. >> it was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime vicky and bob taking their daughter ask son-in-law to france. >> and seeing these wonderful areas that i love the gardens, castles >> vicky spent months arranging hotels, sight seeing train rides and tours bags were packed they got to the airport and everything ground to a halt. >> he said sorry you're not going to be able to go on the trip. there wasn't a problem with tickets but their pass ports >> the clerk came perfect behind the counter and said oh, your passports expired. i said no.
6:39 pm
it hasn't. >> bob pointed out they expire august 31st but this is still july. the pass ports good two more months >> he said well, you have to have three months >> we'd have to go and renew our pass ports. >> bob and vicky stunned to found out travellers can't fly overseas if pass ports are close to expiring. >> we recommend any u.s. citizen traveling internationally make certain their passport has six months validity. >> linda spraug says every country requires visitors to have pass ports remaining valid well beyond the time of stay. asian countries require six. >> most countries welcome visitor buzz want them to leave. >> they want to make sure have you valid documents so you don't get stuck within their borders and with heightened security these days custom officials are checking documents more closely. enforcing rules more strictly.
6:40 pm
catching americans by surprise. >> we have an uptick of people showing up in our counters, frantic being denied boarding. >> bringing us back to bob and vicky. stopped in the airport. their daughter going ahead without them. >> she said mom, i better go. she went. this plane was leaving. >> i have vicky crying. my daughter crying. >> bob ask vicky rushed to the office and paid 500ss today get renewals quickly but waits too late. they missed most of the time. >> this is why i'm here today. to tell you our story. >> the state department tells us airlines enforce rules in order to get landing rights. bob and vicky says airlines should warn people before cooking not after. if you have a problem with
6:41 pm
denied boarding let me know about it. go to the 7 on your side link. you can reach me there. >> that is a cautionary tale. i it is. >> coming up next, an interview with a controversial visionary. stay with us.
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>> a silicon valley entrepreneur that you probably already heard about and used products he's helped to create. >> peter teal is a rock star in the world of tech start ups. at this conference for entrepreneurs, people hang on his every word. >> so i think silicon valley is going to be the center of the u.s. economy. >> he was born in germany,
6:45 pm
graduated from san mateo high school. co-founder of pay pal. selling the company for $1.5 billion. teal was an early investor in facebook and linkedn. he's reshaping the music industry with spotify and changing the way people travel with air b and b. we sat down for his only bay area interview. he is promoting his book, 0 to 1. >> talks about how to go from 0 owe one, nothing to something in creating a new business. >> there is a unique sense of mission that your company is doing something nobody else is doing. he says that is where many companies have gone wrong. they stop innovating. he is critical of silicon valley giants for not taking the lead,
6:46 pm
he called google a monopoly and called twitter a horribly mismanaged company because it failed to do anything new beyond bringing us messages in 40 characters he dismisses critic who's suggest silicon valley is on the verge of repeating bust. >> people worry it's another bubble like late 90s i think this is the start of a long boom >> he seemed up -- he on an idea called c setting building floating countries in international waters to escape government regulation. >> there is this idea all low hanging fruit has been picked and hard to come up with new ideas i do think there are great ideas out there.
6:47 pm
>> don't assume that teaching job is an endorsement of higher education. >> college student are amagsing too much debt. student debt up to a trillion dollars in the united states he is paying students 100,000ses today drop out two years and instead work with him to come up with new ideas for companies. he calls them his 20 under 20. >> we had four years now of this. so 80 people have gone through the program. it's been fantastic. great businesses have gotten started. >> have any 20 out of 20 gone back to school? is that a failure to go back? >> i don't think there is one set path. most have gone to other start ups and a few have gone back to school. the key thing is that people
6:48 pm
learn during those years >> you want to live forever? >> finding a cure for getting old. >> common cause of death is old age. it's linked to every disease we suffer from. >> just one more extreme idea that makes him a visionary. >> spencer is our visionary. the storm is tracking rain. >> hoping to live long enough to see more rain. clouds out over the bay. santa rosa a tenth of an inch. napa, 150 days. san francisco, livermore, 151 days state wide tomorrow, rain
6:49 pm
up in the northwestern corner. sunny just about everywhere else. tomorrow, looking for increasing clouds in the bay area in the north bay and rain in the evening in parts of the north bay and parts of the coast as well. here is the accu-weather forecast. that rain continues into thursday. tapering off thursday afternoon giving way to a sunnier, drier warmer weekend. >> thank you. >> all right. >> there you go. stay out of the rain. >> right now, more optimist yak than rain than the giants. a huge loss for giants. sports is coming up next.
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it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home.
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internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. good evening, devastating loss to center fielder angel pagan. he needs back surgery. when he is healthy pagan gives giants speed and clutch hitting this season.
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giants lead offhand buddy smith over 60 games. he will undergo season-ending back surgery. to football, raiders made the trek across the pond. they will play against the dolphins on sunday. and they taught kids rules and fundamentals of american football. tail back darren mcfadden says he's having a blast. >> fir1 time here, driveing is getting used to. i love coming here. >> good fun. niners will host eagles sunday.
6:54 pm
and 0 and 4 and did not finish the contest. the team's record. >> that doesn't mean anything. it's early. too soon to really be judgmental. just two, that is nothing. we've been in this position before. i'm excited about the season. >> warriors are exciteed and opened training camp next week. steve kerr prepping for his season. phil jackson won five titles. >> we're able to acquire them. we're happy we've got
6:55 pm
it's meaningful and impactful. >> the sharks are in the middle of training camp. jon scott is an enforcer. kind of the same reason we have spencer around. not afraid to use his frame to send a message >> there is an element of their mouths. sharks and can yucks in
6:56 pm
stockton. and right now, 1-0, vancouver through minutes of play. spencer is the muscle of the operation. >> just casing it down the block. nice. >> thank you very much. >> join us tonight on cable channel 13 the president's salute. reaction on what some are calling the latte salute. >> then, held captive without charges. california veterinarian trapped and the push to get her home. one social media post at a time. >> tonight "caning with the stars". who is getting eliminateed and season premier of marvels agents of shield. now new fall season is underway, you can see all abc shows on
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your smart phone, tablet or computer. >> works well. try it. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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